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We are Ristek

Facts about partnership and quality

Ristek is an innovating partner for roof truss manufacturers that develops its product selection together with its customers.

Our product selection contains

Nail plates

high-quality nail plates made in Finland.


machines and devices for the manufacture of roof trusses developed using the experiential knowledge of roof truss builders.


3D-based roof truss design software 3DTrussme.

Control system

TrussFlow, a multi-purpose production control system that is scalable according to the size and operations of the company.

Partner to truss

When you choose a partner that offers a comprehensive solution from products to software, you cannot miss.

Ristek works close to the customer. For you this simply means that we operate locally, listen intently and offer our assistance for your project, and that our product development always starts from the wishes of our customers. At Ristek people work with people, and our extensive experience in the sector will make your project flow smoother.

Over 8 000 000 nail plates per year 

That’s how many we manufacture. Our storage system and the capacity of our new automated production lines are flexible. The latest tools and machines of the trade together with our professional and expert staff ensure that you receive the right number of nail plates exactly when you need them. 

We are described as customer-centric and flexible, and our delivery reliability has been praised. We keep our word, and this is something we take great pride in.

Thinking about nail plates?

So are we! Contact us and we’ll see how we can come together to make your project even more successful. 


Ristek Oy was founded in 2007 under the name Lahti Levy Oy. From a mere nail plate manufacturer, Ristek has evolved into a versatile partner for roof truss builders that can also offer its customers access to design software and a production control system. Ristek’s products and software are developed for customers and together with customers – our focus is always on the needs of daily work and real life. We are constantly developing, and Ristek always works close to the customer.  

Currently, Ristek is the market leader in its sector in Finland, and we also have robust operations elsewhere in Europe through our representatives. Ristek’s factory is situated in Villähde in the vicinity of Lahti  along great transit routes.

High quality is also kind to the environment 

We at Ristek manufacture high-quality nail plates and tools for truss building using the finest raw materials and with respect to the environment. The products are sized so that no raw material is wasted. All packages that leave or arrive at the factory are completely recyclable, which means that the stress to the environment is minimised.  

For Ristek, reliability is key when choosing suppliers and partners. The quality assurance system built for the company facilitates constant development that allows us to maintain high customer satisfaction and security of supply. 

Ristek Oy’s operations are CE-certified and they are monitored with annual inspections.

Handling and recycling

We manufacture sturdy, high-quality nail plates, and when treated right they will also remain so.  

Transportation and storage of nail plates 

  • Nail plates and their packages must be protected from getting wet; if zinc-coated nail plates get wet, white corrosion forms on them 
  • Adequate ventilation must be ensured in cold storage 
  • Box packages must be stored on pallets 

Disposal of packaging 

  • Cardboard boxes, Euro containers, filler and packaging cardboard: recycled cardboard 
  • Plastic binders, stretch film: recycling or plastic recycling 
  • Pallets are either recycler or returned.

Photos from the factory