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A structural designer’s cost-effective solution for floor structures

The easi-joist® is a sensible choice for both the structural designer and the customer. The ease of installation and cost-effectiveness facilitate the operation of the construction site and ensure the installation of the floor on schedule. easi-joist® is designed to allow easy accommodation of electrical, plumbing, waste water and other services required within the floor joist area with no cutting or notching required.

easi-joists® are parallel chord trusses using stress-graded timber chords, plated together with Wolf Systems’ patented metal webs. easi-joists® form a sturdy floor. easi-joist® are always dimensioned and designed individually for the needs of the project. A manufacturer has an option to CE mark easi-joist® trusses.

The dimensioning of easi-joist® beams includes a vibration calculation according to the Eurocode. If necessary, the stiffness of the beams can be increased with strongbacks which can be strength-graded sawn timber or LVL. Thus is the easi-joist® floor is rigid and effectively reduces vibration caused by steps and home electronics.

Structural layers according to the customer’s wishes can be used above the easi-joist® floor which are taken into account in the vibration calculation. Typically on the upper surface of the easi-joist® floor structure, gypsum casting or other castable mass is used on top of the structural wooden board, which is easy to install with the floor heating pipelines.


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