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Ristek 3DTrussme

Design software for roof trusses

Freedom of design specifically for your needs

3DTrussme is a powerhouse for the design of nail plate structures and the entire roof that ensures cost-effective and safe structures even for more challenging projects. The user interface has been developed in co-operation with designers and it is simple to learn.

The cloud-based software is easy to update and use, wherever you are. Importing and exporting of 2D and 3D models reduce the chance of error and facilitate the designer’s work.

The software can be used to calculate all plane structures made of timber and nail plates whether it is truss, frame, super chord or combination of these. Structure and strength analyses conducted according to the design instructions for EC5 and nail plate structures ensure that a roof designed with 3DTrussme is safe for its users.

3DTrussme is a modern cloud-based genuine 3D design tool for nail plate truss structures and complete roof designs. Development of the program started from scratch in March 2011. The program received its first certification on 5th December 2013, and has been commercially used since then. The name of the program was changed from LL Designer to 3DTrussme on 2nd May 2016.

In 3DTrussme the forces in the structure are solved by using frame theory. The FEM model of the truss structure is automatically generated as a detailed model, which the user can influence by changing the position and size of the nail plates and timber parts.

3DTrussme is user-friendly and easily adoptable software. We provide personal guidance to the program users, especially during the early stages of use. We are constantly developing ways to support users, such as creating tutorial videos.

We are constantly improving the 3DTrussme design program, taking into account the needs of users and the requirements of evolving markets. The content of the program can be customized to meet the user’s needs, for example in terms of external export tools. Users have the freedom to choose different design solutions with 3DTrussme.

3DTrussme is a fully Windows-based software. Working in 3D requires relatively modern hardware for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

3DTrussme features:

  • Structural analysis and calculation according to EC5 and national annexes 
  • Available UI languages:
    • Finnish
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Norwegian
    • Polish
  • Free access to national standards
    • Finland
    • Germany
    • Poland
    • Norway
    • Sweden
    • Lithuania
  • Import and export options for 2D and 3D models
    • IFC
    • DWG
    • DXF
    • VertexBD
    • BTL
  • Load transfer from truss to truss via support links
  • All plates and webs freely movable without specified joint types
  • Option for user-specific plug-in tools and reports
  • Automatic software update via the internet
  • Open program to all certified nail plate types regardless of plate manufacturer

World’s first 3D design software for roof trusses

Open software guarantees freedom

Optimisation of the truss structure ensures the cost-effectiveness of the project

Our robust technical support is always near you

Do you need help with the technical design and calculation of trusses and roofs?

Our local technical support is always near you. Whether you are looking for good practical tips or support, you can contact us. We know what your daily work includes!

Good work speaks for itself

3DTrussme is versatile. Browse our example cases and projects that have been successfully designed using Ristek’s nail plates and the 3DTrussme design software.

Do you wish to know more?

Contact us and we’ll talk.

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Phone number: +358 50 555 3165

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